“You have the choice to be here as a speck of creation or as the very source of creation. Not exploring such phenomenal possibility is a crime.” - Sadhguru

Hello and welcome to my artistic space at Sadé Beasley Studio. I’m a creator & painter having spent the last three years painting portraiture. In 2019, after much success with my artwork: winning juried art competitions, practicing my craft within art residencies such as with the Salem Art Association, painting a wine label for Abbey Creek Winery, selling my works to Multnomah County for $14K, and much more, I’ve decided to close that door and go on a new adventure painting en plein air in the big open back doors of my home state, Oregon.

During this transition, I am selling and donating all remaining fine art prints in my inventory. Please help yourself to my limited collection of prints at a reduced cost for your enjoyment. If you are apart of a business or organization that needs artwork for your walls/office spaces/etc. please reach out to me so I can gift you 1-2 prints (available until inventory is depleted).